Apt For Apple

One of the definitions for good design is to remove the unnecessary, and this is exactly what the Minus 1 Speakers Dock for Smartphones is all about. The focus is on ‘making sound’ which is faithful to the natural function of a speaker, rather than obtrusive designing. A natural flow of elements and fluid sound! I’m enthralled.

Designer: Jung Hoon Lee


  • Grey says:

    Got to love it, i guess. Can just hope guys would start designing for the rest of the universe, and not just for apple. Pretty sweet tho.

  • Martini says:

    ^theres a reason people design for Apple, because Apple design is done so well! who doesnt want to be a designer for Apple… and i think this represents Apple very well, removing everything from the design till you have the bare essentials, as little design as possible 🙂

  • sonofthebass says:

    in white, black or brushed silver looks really nice

  • damian says:

    This is almost the same as Muji’s cd player… srry but ive seen this one before

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