Samsung HD3 Console Concept

If Samsung decided to dip its toe into the portable gaming market, would it look like the HD3 concept? Although it looks very similar to another portable currently out, it’s a completely different beast packed with enough technology to make one’s head spin. The OS driving this technology is Android (of course). I like the highfalutin specs but you should never let technology drive innovation. In that sense, this seems more like a fanboi’s pipe dream about the ultimate gaming machine. Hit the jump for the full specs.

  • Here is My New concept, Consolor HD3 by Samsung…3D Galaxy interface navigation, see details..
  • Directional buttons Easy Touch touch, with Fingerprint R technology which allow to identify Players profile and style of play…
  • 16:9 full HD Amoled Multi touch screen Capacitive type with DTP (Dual Touch Pro high precision allow multi operation on the screen..)
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers HD (Dolby Mobile Device)
  • Built-in Microphone HD (Dolby System Mobile device)
  • Gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor
  • 2 analog sticks with R.System. (see details..)
  • Chat with your friends ( Wimax or 4G), by text, headset bluetooth or Visio, download thousands Apps from Android Lakay Market,
  • see your notifications when you play,share your contents (videos, photos,or others online..) download Movies in 3D…etc…
  • Watch TV via 4G or Wi Fi, synchronize your contents with your android Phone.
  • Built-in GPS System with HP Localization (high precision Mode) Follow your contacts in real time on the map…(MAPlayers zone app)
  • Front Camera 8MP HD and 12MP rear camera 3DHD with ALL-in one motion (Detector,Smile,Zoomin’)
  • Visio Gamin’ (watch your friends through the screen and play with them by Visio..(certain games only)
  • M.I.S.S. touch buttons (Media, I+,Select, Start buttons vibrate to confirm your order and illuminated when you turn the Consolor on as in Smartphones..)….the directional buttons also..
  • The Swin’ Bar allows player to access all the contents, volume, 3D effects, camera settings etc…
  • Mobile Network connectivity: 4G, Bluetooth 2.1, WiMax, ConsolorR Mode, DLNA,DP Connect Technology4.0sW (Play your game via your TV Full HD 3D wireless)
  • Inductive charging
  • Intern Memory: 250GB
  • 3D Galaxy Nav system with Android lakay Interface, live wallpaper ,live Menu, cloud save
  • Download games on Android Lakay Market
  • Multi task without lag

Designer: Dumary Joseph