Rolling Bookshelf

The Patatras is a new way to store books – a wheel of knowledge if you will. Made of expanded polypropylene in a range of colors, each one contains cells for which you put books in. It’s actually not that large. At only 122 cm in diameter, you won’t need to worry about it accidentally rolling over the family cat.

Photography: Pierre-François Gerard

Designer: Michaël Bihain


  • admx says:

    This is really cool!! <3 would totally LOVE one of those 🙂

  • James says:

    Not really practical in the circular shape, but something with a flat bottom, square or triangular would be really nice. The slots are a nice idea.

  • muhammad says:

    Thanks for this articel,I like this ..

  • muhammad says:

    Thanks for this articel,I like this ..

  • dnjy says:

    lots of space is being wasted!!!

  • Grey says:

    This is meant to be more of a niche decoration with ‘some’ functionality. Space loss and practicality are neither the desire, nor an issue.

    In my own home, I think these would drive me bonkers, as I like organization, but as a design I find them quite entertaining as well as having possible secondary function.

    Lay one on it’s side, instant drawing table for the kiddies and still could place books in the slots if so desired. (This assumes you have the floor space you’d want to leave it in, but again, it’s not meant to be practical, so probably wouldn’t be a concern.)

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  • this bookshelf design really interesting me to build it

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