Space Age Seating Roller Coaster Style

Hankering for that roller coaster ride feeling? Live vicariously thru the 4NE1 (get it?) seating solution. These chairs are suspended from the roof of a vehicle. This reconfiguration increases the amount of interior space. The design was created with the elderly and physically impaired in mind but as its name suggests, anyone can use it. The design has excellent properties for impact absorption in both front and rear impacts. The safety system is further augmented by an anti-whiplash backrest that comes forward upon impact. Best part it the stowaway feature – neatly sliding up and down roof rails or folding up when you need to seat more cargo than people.

A review of current products that cater to this demographic has revealed that although there are systems in place to accommodate wheelchairs within vehicles, many of these systems do not use space efficiently, are not cost effective, lack configurability and are often created with the removal and replacement of original seating.

This system is completely innovative and takes a whole new look at how we perceive space within a vehicle. Concerns have been raised about structural strength within the roof , but with structural reinforcement at little added cost – there is no reason why a roof cannot support the 24G crash impact requirements.

Even the build materials are innovative. The seats will be made from a patent-pending lightweight fibre-composite developed by Futuris Automotive, which has superb structural properties.

What does this all mean for you? You may never see something like this in ordinary cars but don’t be surprised when they start popping up in mass transit systems. We like the idea but what about fat people? This doesn’t exactly make travel any easier for them.

Designer: Christopher Simmons


  • atomicforce says:

    Well, I am wondering why industry mass production designers do not follow this brilliant idea.
    In my opinion this is useful and ergonomic, besides looks outstanding.
    People gonna like it like I do


  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    More details about this project.

  • Barton Smith says:

    ha goes to my uni…

  • feldspar says:

    nice design, but it doesn’t look very comfy for any lengthy car trip.

    also, the ceiling suspension design transfers much greater kinetic energy to the passenger in both front- and rear-end collisions, i believe. great that there’s side airbags, but since the vertical arm glides along the ceiling, i would be very concerned about the safety of this.

  • Agasa says:

    love the idea. I is brilliant and the design is ultra stylish.

  • eric says:


  • tom says:

    Weight of the passengers carried at the top of vehicle, thus us stable.

  • tom says:

    Weight of the passengers carried at the top of vehicle, thus us stable.

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