This Glue Won’t Stick!

A simple tweak in the body and proactive action of saving the cap, two good reasons to redesign the Glue Stick! The tear-shaped tube won’t roll off the table and the darn thing works ONLY if you latch the cap to the end. My office supply staff is going to be so happy!

Designer: Noh Ji Hun


  • Mike Barnard says:

    My concern with this design is that it is optimizing a product which is decreasing in sales annually. Glue sticks used to be essential office components, but I remember being surprised the last time I saw one in an office. As glue sticks are also dirt cheap, there isn't much margin to be scraped out either.

    That said, convert the concept to lipstick and you might have a winner.

  • Rob says:

    First, love the look. This is one sexy glue stick.

    Demands a full revolution in order to be in alignment? Sometimes you want less than a full revolution. Also, I would hate to have to fidget with it… like trying to get a key in a hole. I think you could solve this by keying the inside of the cap and the bottom component with a star or hexagonal pattern – this would allow for much easier/quicker placement.

    Like the previous comment, Id like to see it in cosmetics – lip balm too!

  • ぽなきへ says:

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