Chris Burns Has Left the Building

This is my third attempt at writing a farewell for my friend and colleague Chris Burns, and I just can’t get my words right. How is it possible to sum up a relationship with a person I’ve never met, spoken to for an hour on Skype but chatted with on AIM for innumerable hours? Come Monday 14th February 2011, Chris will no longer be writing for Yanko Design. I guess it’s harder for me to let go of him because he had become an integral part of my life. He’s been around to help me through my mistakes and cheered me on when I scored a winning writeup.

He’s been the dependable co-worker for me in ways that no one will ever know. Oh Chris! Why do you have to leave? There is a saying that Change is Inevitable and it’s always for the good. The silver lining is that Chris is leaving for a good cause, the cause of self-growth. So while I’ll miss his eccentric-humor style of writing and super-sexy image editing, I’ll be comforted by the knowledge that he’s moved on for the greater good.

So long my friend CB, I’ll miss our middle-of-the-night AIM chats, talk about pet dogs, rabbits and cats! But most of I’ll miss your charming smile that beams out of your hairy face! Hahaha! Got you on that!

[youtube: 605 455]