Many Layers of Foot

Take a look at or just think really hard about the shoes you’ve got on, if you’ve got any on. How many layers of material do you think they’re made of? Maybe 5? Take a look a project here by the name of DYNAMIC FOOTWEAR HX1, a pair of shoes with 7 layers of shoe. It must be a world record. There’s the medial layer, support web, lateral layer, inner bootie, sockliner, PHYLON midsole, HEX TECH outsole, and TPU heel counter for good measure. What could possibly be the reason behind such a complicated set of feet?

The HX1 imagines your whole body running every day, seeing you with pain in your spine, in your shoulders, and indeed in your whole body, and it (or they,) think hmm, how could I make this person’s life better? The HX1 makes your life better by thinking about not only your feet, but indeed stimulating your entire body with Reflexology, granting you the feeling of a completely fabulous run.

UPDATE: Christoph clarifies, “Every running shoe consists of multiple parts, but you never see them. In my (image) explosion you can see all the parts, which doen´t mean it´s more than normal.”

Designer: Christoph Döttelmayer