World Kitchen “What’s Bubbling? Kitchen Tools!” Design Competition

Update: Closed!

“Put that emotion in the food, because it’s so much more rewarding down the line”; says Hell’s Kitchen celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Cooking has become such a habitual ritual that we rarely put in the extra effort for gourmet meals. Blame it on time constrains or pressures of life, but home-cooking has undergone major transformations, demanding serious changes in our kitchen too. The future foresees requirement for tools that will comply with our instant-food needs, helping us to whip up tasty treats in a jiffy. The future requires designers like you to come up with kitchen tool solutions today! Designs that offer sustainable tools and techniques that comply with our evolving lifestyles, demographics, cultural expectations and economics.

Can you rise to the challenge of creating new kitchen tools and techniques, cross-pollinating from other cultures, or perfecting our tried-and-true tools, improving the cook’s experience while prepping, cooking or serving?

It took us almost 2,500 years to evolve from the basic Neolithic tools to the present-day kitchen equipments; the future is not that patient…so we need to hurry! What’s Bubbling? Invites you to present your ideas for the “Kitchen Tools” international design competition!

World Kitchen believes that great tool design goes beyond function and aesthetics so it has established criteria for the jury to use in evaluating entries.

  • Opportunity Identification and Research
  • Innovation, such as in materials, use, function, shape, and market need
  • User Experience, such as ergonomics, safety, and enhancement of a key demographics’ daily life
  • Appropriate Aesthetics, which enhance the preparation, cooking and serving area and support the function and experience
  • Manufacture-ability, including environmental considerations in material choices and energy usage

To participate, register here NOW!

Three winners will get to attend the International Home & Housewares Show (March 2011), where the housewares industry will get aquanited with their works. The prize includes $6,000 USD, in addition to travel, accommodations, and $250 for travel expenses for each winner to attend the International Home & Housewares Show.

The deadline for entries is January 7, 2011, USA/Central