Love Letter to Alex the Water Bottle

Oh Alex, how you’ve become my favorite water bottle these past few months. I didn’t think much of you at first but then I found out former Oakley team manager Chris Hotell and pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler founded the company who made you and I become intrigued. You’re so special. You do a lot but there’s two things you do better than anyone else baby.

You’re BPA free – yadda yadda bladdie blah. You’re mostly made of metal anyways so already, you’re different but it’s how you open up to me that shows you really care. Your body unscrews from the middle making my life so much easier. No longer do I have to contort my hand into some weird shape to clean the farthest reaches of your corners and for that, I must thank you. Your streamline body is OH so sleek and makes it a snap for me to stack your cap, top and bottom half like a matryoshka. So compact, easy to store – so thoughtful of you to do that for me.

You adapt to my every need. Sometimes I want more water so I screw on a longer bottom. Sometimes I feel colorful and I mix-&-match. You’re easy on the eyes and go with the flow. I only have one request. Think you can get me a sippy-cup for a cap? Yes, I’m a grown man and I want a sippy-cup. That’s not as weird as me writing you this letter… is it?

P.S. I plan on revealing our love story tomorrow on my blog. I want everyone to know how awesome you are. Cheers!

P.P.S Congratulations on making the final cut in the 2011 Housewares Design Awards. I knew you could do it.

Designer: Nice Reusables (Buy it here)