One Large Envelope for your Shoulder

This shoulder envelope, cleverly titled “Envelope Bag” and designed by Lee Weilang of MEGAWING, is approximately W9.8 x L13.4″, made of leather and polyurethane, and is just daring you to jam your iPad in it. It’s meant to resemble the kraft paper envelopes with tie you may have used countless times as a student or office worker of many kinds. Now you can slap in on your side and fill it with smaller envelopes! Hooray for consistency!

It’s light, yet strong, made to hold your gadgets, and comes with an adjustable and detachable strap. With the strap’s versatility, you’re also able to attach the bag across your chest (just incase you’ve got something VERY important. Also, it’s got an insert pocket with multiple pouches into which you can place all of your tinier things that’d just get lost inside such a generously sized sack.

Designer: Lee Weilang of MEGAWING [Buy It Here Envelope Bag is available for $60 @ YD Store]

Envelope Bag is available for $60 @ YD Store