BFF Watches for Overseas Lovers

You know the sacred bond that is made when two people hold separate parts of a heart. They are Best Friends Forever. Or married. Whichever it happens to be, here’s a watch for them. This is “Dual Time,” a unisex GMT wristwatch with a unique feature: complimentary hour hands. Where normally three hands would mean hour, minute, and second, here they mean second, your hour, and your friend’s hour.

See the two thicker arms? One is for you, and one is for the hour that your friend is experiencing in a different time zone. The fun thing that happens is the change that happens once you and your friend reunite: the complimentary hands fit inside one another, creating a full, single hand of pure love!

Also there’s a day/night mark indicated by that single circle at the top middle of the watch. Black or white, you decide which is which.

Designers: Chiyu Chen and Han-Hsi Chen