Alpen Basecamp is a snail-shaped smart capsule to keep your e-bike safe and dry

Your trusty electric steed now has a home it deserves, even when it means leaving it outdoors.

The past few years have seen an uptick in interest in all forms of bikes, from your typical pedal-powered variety to those that run on batteries. Personal mobility has become an important part of the daily life of some people, and so has been the stress of finding a place to secure their bikes while at rest. Even when just storing the bike at home, some people find it difficult to carve out some space for their two-wheeled companions, especially for the more expensive electric variety. Now your e-bike or large mountain bike doesn’t need to feel like a second-class citizen with this “capsule” storage that’s been upgraded to be just a wee bit smarter.

Designer: Alpen

We’ve seen Alpen’s Bike Capsule before as one of the more interesting ways to store a bike. If you don’t have a garage for your bike or a place to hang it but have plenty of ground outside your house, the capsule offers a mini storage space where the bike can remain secure and dry under the elements. It also has room for accessories and tools, so you don’t have to scramble for an air pump when you need to take care of a flat.

That was the “Classic” Bike Capsule, but Alpen is now announcing version 2.0 of the concept. Christened the “Basecamp” Bike Capsule, this next-gen bike storage gets a few upgrades, inside and out. The larger size and internal capacity now have enough room for larger bikes. It also now features an electronic lock that can be toggled via Bluetooth, so you can give friends, or family members access to your bike even remotely, as long as they have the app installed on their phone.

The more tech-savvy Alpen Basecamp was designed for more tech-savvy bikes as well. Unlike the Classic capsule, this newer model has enough room for e-bikes. Beyond just the capacity, however, there’s a rear opening that can connect to a power outlet so that the e-bike can charge inside and be ready for your journey the next time you take it out.

Aside from those new capabilities, the Basecamp still features the same rotomolded polyethylene body and ball bearing hinge “lid” that keeps the capsule’s contents hidden from prying eyes. But while these capsules provide a home for your bike at home, it doesn’t offer those same safety features and conveniences when you have to park your metal steed outside.

That’s why Alpen is also trying to woo businesses into adopting its capsules to give employees and customers a safer place to park their bikes. Alpen’s app can even geolocate Basecamps nearby so that bikers can ride with confidence, knowing that their bikes have a safe haven while they enjoy a cup of coffee or spend the entire day at work.