Imperial Flatboy Motorcycle

Star Wars influence? Inspiration taken from Daniel Simon? Yessir, indeed. This is a motorcycle concept going by the name “Bugatti startos” designed by Bruno Delussu. This name, Bugatti startos, means “Snake Road,” a fabulous name for a rather snake-like automotive. With a body made of fiberglass to make the entire thing light, setting the rider in the same place as a racing bike (lying on the bodywork,) and a cute traditional speedometer.

Believe it or not, this motorcycle uses an internal combustion engine, NOT an electric. Wow, I never thought, but always hoped, that this day would come. A day where the designer has to explain themselves for having anything other than an energy-conscious engine. Welcome to the future of responsible thinking? I hope so. Some words from Bruno Delussu:

Being a motorcyclist myself, I love the sound of a motorcycle engine (reminiscent of a raging lion), so the engine is a traditional internal combustion engine rather then electric, as the new trend would have it (a matter of ecology)

Also, Bruno notes that this project is mainly a fun one, and that thusly this is the world’s first motorcycle with no method for steering. Straight only!

Designer: Bruno Delussu