Seek and… Search and Destroy!

The following project is based mainly in the sketch realm, so bare with me all ye lovers of reality. For the rest of you, take that last swig of caffeine and strap on your air-pistols because this is one o’ them destroyer robots! Named “Search Bot” by its father Alp Germaner. Designer Alp Germaner I should say, but refuse to! Because this is a child of the mind. A robot from the electronic zaps and responses of the brain of Germaner, father to a race of machines that will one day crush us all.

This Search Bot is the product of lots and lots of computer gaming and a slick hand at birthing an ever-evolving robot body and base. I imagine someone like the Hulk or the Green Lantern could make quick work of these, but Batman? The Dazzler? Maybe not so much.

A real contender to look forward to in the future of robots vs human war!

Designer: Alp Germaner