Five Lamps from Qis

LED lamps to satisfy even the strangest of desires for the newest and wildest of lamps. Before you you’ve got five lamps, all of the designed by QisDesign. These lamps go by the names Coral, Coral Reef, Piano, Crystal, and Seagull. They’re all abstracted to the maximum and pulled back into reality by a set of skilled designers obsessed with making magic out of the simple task of lighting a room.

Coral is a lamp inspired by, you guessed it, natural coral, reflecting rays of light through the living sea. Using a lovely diffusion technique, this lamp shines light through the edges of its planes.

Coral Reef is a floor lamp featuring 3 adjustable lighting layers that overlap and can be activated individually. A unique ambiance is created with each adjustment and position combination.

Piano is a floor lamp which turns different shades when its “keys” are pressed. LED bulb’s low temperature allow for touching of the product’s surface without getting burnt. Fun for everyone!

Crystal looks to by something you’d find in a science fiction film in the Unobtainium chamber where the power is found. It changes colors as you watch, shimmering, sparkling, and illuminating the room. Each of the crystals is connected to the next by a simple magnet, allowing for the user to create whatever structure they’d like.

The Seagull Light table lamp is shaped like a seagull flying through the sky. Two knobs control the wings: one to control the brightness of the light, the other to adjust the angle of the flap.

Designer: QisDesign