3-Days, 3 Bags & A Whopping 25% Discount! The Carga ØW Collection Sale At The YD Store

Announcing a 3-Day Sale at the Yanko Design Store, where the elegant Carga ØW Collection awaits you! Every day a new bag will be up for a whopping 25% Introductory Discount Offer – only for 24 hours! Today’s booty is the Carga ØW1 Sling Bag, a tri-fold sling bag. It is an ideal companion for those who like stylishly simple button-me-down slings. Hit the jump for the special Coupon Code and the ØW1 details. Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for a new ØW offer!

The Carga ØW1 Sling Bag is a simple rectangular strip of material, deftly sewn at the edges to form an elegant bag. A thing about the ØW collection is that it’s based on the Zero Waste policy. Many designers research on how to recycle or reuse the wasted materials, but in this collection, the idea is to eliminate waste, so that no recycling is needed. Hence the raw edge of the fabric exposed in the bag is its signature style statement and not an oversight!

So if you fancy this Carga Bag, snap it up with this cool discount offer TODAY, because tomorrow we change it for a different Carga ØW.

  • Coupon Code: YD1012ZEROWASTE
  • 25% Discount Offer Valid Till 13th October 11:59 pm PST
  • Carga ØW1 Sling Bag by Mauro Bianucci sells for $175 at the YD Store