The O+ Music Campaign

From what I’ve learnt, marketing is all about how make a product get noticed and grab media attention in the shortest possible span of time. An effective campaign can either be subtle, the get-under-your-skin kinds or be totally in-your-face. In the music industry it’s the latter route that finds much success, which is why flamboyance and distinctiveness is a part of the game. The O+ Promotional Media Package is just that! Ideal for single song releases and candid promos, the kit includes music access via a vinyl record, compact disc, USB flash drive and as an iTunes Download Code, bundled together. The only limitation is its memory size, not too big.

As designer David Riesenberg admits, it may not be commercially feasible to mass produce this concept, but for novelty special editions and buzz creation, this medium can be viable.

The way it works is this: the solid CD base accommodates a distortion proof vinyl layer, and the detachable USB flash drive accommodates the different spindle size.

The idea looks like it can create a major impact, any takers?

Designer: David Riesenberg