Oral Care Superfashion!

Ever since I can remember having been conscious of my teeth, I’ve gone to the dentist. When I went there as a child, I would get a “free” toothbrush, floss, and a prize! I’d usually get a bouncy ball or a pencil. As I got older, the prizes went away, but the toothbrushes kept coming. And there wasn’t much choice. A few brushes to be decided between, and that was that. Why would I go out and buy one if I got one here for free? But wait, I said one day a couple years ago; what if there were cooler brushes at the store? Guess what; there weren’t. Enter the brand Yumaki, it’s a brand new world for me, my mouth, and my fashion pallet.

Now before you go teeth crazy, let me tell you, Yumaki informs us that they follow all international production standards for professional dental care product and are produced by a Japanese manufacturers that’ve got more than 100 years experience in producing pro oral hygiene products.

Now look at these lovely brushes! Each one is super sassy and comes packaged with a travel-sized plastic tube with space enough for additional accessories (like a tiny tube of toothpaste for example). The bristles are made out of high-quality nylon and the flexible handle is made of degradable plastic. There’s 18 designs, and more on the way!

Model A101 specs:
Handle: Degradable PP – 180 x 13 x 4 mm
Bristle: Nylon in squared holes – 23 x 10 mm
Hardness: 7/10 (medium)

The 2010 Originals collection has a retail price of around 8 USD

Available styles:
Black, Nerd, Wheels, Extreme, Vanilla, Ska, Speed, Rasta, Trinidad, Surf,
Graf, Fresh, Army, Asahi, Yacht, Saigon, Wisdom, Forest

Limited editions:
Superkid, Candy, Fugly, Patriot, Buddha

Designer: Yumaki