A Whole World of Notebook

Watch and clockmaster designer Denis Guidone’s made something fabulous right here. Is it a clock? Nope. Is it a watch? No way! It doesn’t tell the time at all, not even a little bit. This is a set of notebooks. But it’s like no set of notebooks you’ve ever seen before. They’re made in a lovely pentagon shape and inside, oh my goodness inside! The lines don’t just go all different directions, they change colors too! It’s a landscape of wonder, and you get to live in it with your pencils and pens and chalk and charcoal and crayons!

This is the “Rigolo,” a notebook of some excellent insides and outsides. And here’s an interesting moment in the designer’s description of the project:

While projecting the graphic, the optometry ‘s studies stating that children at their first steps in writing tend to tilt their handwriting of 30 degrees were taken into account.

If you’re a person who works with the development of children or… you know… happen to be a parent… let me know what you think of these notebooks.

Designer: Denis Guidone for Fabriano