A Whole New Toast Direction

In what direction would you like your toast to come at ya from? Here at Yanko, we encourage the research of all directions of food, especially foods that at some point or another in their creation spews forth from its creator, in this case, the toast and the toaster. The “moolEdge” uses a system of sliding plates to create an environment in which hot fried breads can be created without the need for mechanic parts. Easy to work, easy to clean, easy to toast with.

Hey! A whole new way to toast? Yes please! Take a peek at the VERY EPIC video here below to see the moolEdge in action, then give some hot feedback to Atıl Kızılbayır, the designer of this lovely invention.

And give him props for the continuation of toasted bread research, a field that should never, ever stop being innovated upon.

Designer: Atıl Kızılbayır