Color Time Keeping Identification

How would you like to keep time with not hands, not digits, but with colors? How about we keep the numbers, and instead of pointing to them, we light them up? How about that?! Designer Daniel Will-Harris has just the watch you’ve been searching for all your life, you lovers of blue and red and silver tones, yes! This is the “Iridium Watch” and you’re about to identify lunchtime with the power of color tone. And what’s this? We’ve got it in the store? How handy!

The hour is identified by blue and the red shows the minutes. Then, yes! Indeed! when they pass over one another, they turn purple, as the crystal lens of the color is partially transparent. Blending!

Designer: Daniel Will-Harris [Buy It Here, Iridium Watch is available for $120.00 @ YD Store]

Iridium Watch is available for $120 @ YD Store