This Ring Caves

The brilliance is the top priority here. That diamond’s got to shine, got to shine, got to shine. Sparkles will be had aplenty when you’ve got this momma on. This is the Solitaire Reflect Refraction Engagement Ring by Paul Cremoux W., and it’s just gorgeous. Not only is it fantastically rapid prototyped with 18K gold and a Rodio metal ultra reflective finish, it’s sculpted to the proportions of the gods. The gods of science!

The groove in which the diamond in each of these rings sits is defined by the size of the diamond. Likewise, the width of each of these rings depends on the size of the rock as well. The design here is based on a wavelength, one perfect mathematical curve here is kept precise no matter which size diamond you’ve got sitting in it.

Generally a ring will have a method of breaking and re-fitting on the “underside” of the ring so that if it’s passed down a generation or if your finger changes sizes drastically, you can have it re-fit, no bother. Here, with this ring we’re speaking about by Cremoux, the entire ring would have to be re-forged.

It must be perfect! That’s the idea.

Designer: Paul Cremoux W.

Solitaire Reflect Refraction Engagement Ring by Paul Cremoux W