Your Liquid Email Box

I was going to nickname this something along the lines of Flowmaster but then I realized that was sort of… inappropriate if you know what I mean. What this project IS titled is “Go with The Flow.” What it does is control the amount of email communication you get via a real-world water container and valve system. Depending on the amount of communication you wish to receive from any group of sources, you loosen the valve accordingly. Keep them spam mails all corked up!

This project functions as a… whatever you’d like to call it… a “message” piece of work. I’m really tired of people copping out, calling everything they can’t explain a piece of “art,” so this isn’t art, its an Industrial Design Message piece.

You’ve got these tubes (irony) that fill with water, more and more depending on how many emails are coming at you. When you want to receive those emails, you loosen the valve a little bit, and bam, you get some of those emails. You can loosen it a little bit and let one or two through, or loosen it all the way and you’ll get them all.

What you do with the water, how you get it in the system, that’s not important to this bit of work. It’s what the system is doing that matters most. And then there’s one more thing:

It’s made on a Mac computer. I don’t support any one brand of computers, but Apple, my whole life in working with computers, has always been known to the people in my social groups, as an easy, simple, no bones involved computer. I think this project is, in a small way, indicative of how that way of thinking is being blurred. Do awesome projects on any computer.

The world is your oyster. Use water to get email. Go wild!

Designer: Filippo Cuttica

Go with The Flow Filippo Cuttica






  • TKoote says:

    And… What exactly is the use…? BTW isen’t famly supposed to be family (?)

  • KatT says:

    So if you delete every email, all the water magically returns to its color-designated tube?!!!

  • Techo says:

    Waste…both regarding time and money…

  • adam says:

    Good job, I like it

  • Cloud Levi says:

    Techo has a point. This is practical regarding neither time nor economy. While I wouldn’t call this a waste, I wouldn’t call it innovative either.

    Honestly, the individual who reviewed this has taken it the wrong way entirely. This -is- art. The system is designed more for aesthetics and artistic properties than for absolute function, or it would be an application on the computer, iPhone, etc. or a much more well contained system, rather than simply wasting whatever dye is in the water by mixing it all together.

    I like this. It’s cool, it’s made to be cool. Denying its artistic nature is both insulting and idiotic.

    Art is not simply something you fail to understand. Art is something that is expressive and different, something unique. That’s what this site is and that’s why I love this site.

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