How to Read a Door Handle

How do you get indoors? How about out the door? How about if you’re a velociraptor?! How about if you’re just a normal person, just looking for a little bit more meaning in your life. How about in a knob? Just as good a place to look as any, right? Here’s one called “Pinnacle.” This knob/handles is made to celebrate form and function with an embossed Braille surface containing a hidden message that I’m just sure you’d love to read.

I ask you: can you read Braille from your computer seat, looking into this frame here? That’s not a very useful skill. The alternate title for Pinnacle is Handle.With.Care, with the periods. This handle informs us that a little extra message adds spice to any healthy industrial design project. Spice and salty sugar. Yummy.

Designer: Emily Kaye Pettitt

Pinnacle. Handle.With.Care by Emily Kaye Pettitt