How to Read a Door Handle

How do you get indoors? How about out the door? How about if you’re a velociraptor?! How about if you’re just a normal person, just looking for a little bit more meaning in your life. How about in a knob? Just as good a place to look as any, right? Here’s one called “Pinnacle.” This knob/handles is made to celebrate form and function with an embossed Braille surface containing a hidden message that I’m just sure you’d love to read.

I ask you: can you read Braille from your computer seat, looking into this frame here? That’s not a very useful skill. The alternate title for Pinnacle is Handle.With.Care, with the periods. This handle informs us that a little extra message adds spice to any healthy industrial design project. Spice and salty sugar. Yummy.

Designer: Emily Kaye Pettitt

Pinnacle. Handle.With.Care by Emily Kaye Pettitt




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  • javid says:

    this product is bull. Milled stainless steel with brushed Alu surface finish? what is that? aluminium plating? its damn ugly and if it was milled from stainless steel, surely you would make the handle in one part to reduce the assembly time and increase aesthetics?
    As for SLS, why would you mention this? its 5x the price as the designer worked out… again a more suitable option would be 5 axis milling which could lead to better aesthetics and be way cheaper… sorry cost effective, even if thats way out of the question of costs.

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