Furniture for Leaping On

Truly it is the law of all children that one must find it his or her duty as a young human to decide the jumpability of each and every piece of furniture in their own environment. Yes! Furniture was mean to be played upon. But lo! It was no designed that way. And so! Here comes a brillaint designer mind by the name of Kaja Osholm Kjølås to lead the way with “Buskas,” a set of furniture to INSPIRE play for all kids.

Kids who play are kids who lead the way. Did you know? Play is more important to a child than anything else. It’s science. I know it, Kaja knows it, and gosh darnit, you should know it! So check it out! Kaja sees the modern home full of furniture that’s comfortable enough, but in no way inspires the modern child to activate themselves in a healthy manner. Truly with this set of Buskas Kaja does challenge the status quo of furniture in the mod home by stimulating play and the joy of fantasy, activity for all the children who wish to grow up having exhausted themselves each and every day with a tonload of healthy play!

Designer: Kaja Osholm Kjølås

Buskas Furniture for Play by Kaja Osholm Kjølås