Extended Life Of A Toilet Paper Core

Do you really care about your toilet paper? Is its lifecycle really worth a mention? Do we want to discuss toilet-habits on YD? So many questions…and there is only one answer for this… “Day Re”! The deal is that once you’re done with the tissue part of the toilet paper roll, you toss the brown core into the trash, right? However if you buy a Day Re toilet roll…you just extended its life and purpose on earth! The core comes with a sticker tab that unfolds to a memo pad. Good enough to take daily or weekly notes! Question is; do we want toilet paper to be like a coconut tree and use every bit of it? Or do we just want some soft tissues to wipe our bums clean, and that’s the end of its story! You decide.

Designer: Kim Ji-eun

Day Re – Toilet Paper Core Used As A Memo by Kim Ji-eun