Cuttin’ Up Y-Waves

No math involved. Just cruzin on a boat. Y stands for yacht. And this yacht goes by the name “CUT.” It’s not only made for rippin up waves, it’s green. So green they even say it’s green in the description! That’s green. It’s electric, made from moso bamboo plywood, and has not one, but TWO hulls under its loving deck. Measuring in at 20 meters long, this yacht has room for 8 full-grown humans. Humans who’ve got a taste for solar panels!

The front features rotating solar panels that can be used as a sun deck. Under the hood you’ve got two high-powered electric engines. And that wood? It’s moso bamboo, one of the fastest growing natural resources in the world. Designer Christian Peetz aims to shoot this everloving stealthy-looking wood machine out on the waves in the name of renewable resources everywhere!

Designer: Christian Peetz



CUT green yacht by Christian Peetz


  • mif991 says:

    It looks spacy but not elegant. Renderings are underwhelming as well, and I cannot see the tiny little babe on first picture…

  • Koneck says:

    This looks like one of the racer in F-Zero X (a Nintendo 64 game)

  • Johan says:

    Hm, the only problem I see, is the propeller. What happens when the user backs into something from the stern. The propeller would very likely be destroyed..

  • concerned_bout_bears says:

    How green is it using Bamboo? Now the panda bear will have no lunch. Deforestation and hungry pandas is not green!

  • Rob says:

    CODE-X – check it out and make your own minds up…

    • ebbandflow says:

      Considering the first image has been shopped over the top of a CODE-X image i would say its a homage.

      That being said this is no where near as successful in terms of the faceting effect, there are just to many self referential sufraces.

  • Confucius says:

    Yachts have sails Chris, you should get out more 🙂

    Couple of things:
    1: the props can stick out, but they’re way too far out, they would bend when you turned a corner, but in saying that The sharpness of the hulls is so great that turning this thing would be near impossible.

    2: Boats need port and starboard lights, not tail lights.

    3: It wouldn’t work, the sea has these things called waves, big waves or ‘swell’ when you get 100m+ out to sea, swell is commonly around 2-3 metres high, the design of the bow does not accommodate this and would duck into the swell as opposed to going over it, also with the draft (amount of water it rests in) the waterline would be much higher that whats shown.

  • Can't remember says:

    actully this looks at first glance has the speeder Zam-W
    fly's in Attack of the Clones but enlarged.

    Good points to Confucius…

  • Can't remember says:

    actully this looks at first glance has the speeder Zam-W
    fly’s in Attack of the Clones but enlarged.

    Good points to Confucius…

  • flof says:

    I like the concept but the yacht could show its green concept much more in design. The facette surface design is nothing new on yachts but the bamboo material. Without the description nobody nows about the green characteristics of this boat.
    Why not design a new archetype for green and electric yachts?

  • I like the idea, but I think that the very cubic design drowns out any sort of elegance, and makes it look rather dull :/

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