Enhance Time on Wrist

You’ve seen the movie Blade Runner, yes? Aka the greatest science fiction movie ever made? That’s the one. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably seen the scene where Harrison Ford is doing some police work and keeps saying “enhance. enhance.” Well that’s what’s going on here! He’d love this watch, this watch called the “Scope Watch” and it’s a total time tracker!

Behold the search-arrows as they run across the screen, stopping only when time is accessed! Stopping only when they’ve delivered the prize of ultimate time readout to you! You betcha.

Bzzt bzzt bzzt, enhance. Time reads 2am. Time to continue working on blog. Beep beep beep. Not only that, that fantastic feature, there’s several colors of watch you can choose from. All of them spectacularly fashionable.

Time found!

Designer: Seahope LTD [ Buy it Here, Scope Watch is available for $189.00 @ YD Store ]


Scope Watch is available for $189.00 @ YD Store






  • MeredithMcKay says:

    Not so great for lefthanded people who wear watches on their right wrists.

    Center the display. Reimplement the 1-4 minutes indicator as dots across the top. Put the button on the side. I’ll buy it.

  • Unspellable says:

    Watch designers are a good example of adaptation to market forces.

    Here’s why:
    1) Watches are no longer the status symbols the used to be,
    2) Most young people just use their cell phones to keep track of time, and
    3) These crazy, neat, and often impressive recreation of how to show time keep us interested in attaching something to our wrists (and perhaps elsewhere).

    P.S. – This would totally rock as a large wall clock. Totally.

    • Um1010 says:

      I agree, that would make a sweet wall clock, something I would totally buy.

    • Um1010 says:

      I agree, that would make a sweet wall clock, something I would totally buy.

  • tii3 says:

    This would be cool if it did seconds too.

  • 44mag says:

    Cool, a featured watch one of us could possibly afford.

  • SkipErnst says:

    Why is the screen offset so far to the left? Yes I see the buttons, but the asymmetricalness (that’s probably not a word) makes this look really odd and somewhat uncomfortable. Surely the designers could have centered the screen with the buttons elsewhere.

    • mtf612 says:

      Probably just the style. Personally I think it looks cool offset. Its already a watch that looks different on the screen,so why not make the whole face different? Makes heads turn.

    • Bob says:

      Yes, you’re right. Or even considering that the watch is on the right hand, then why not shift the screen asymmetry to the right?

  • jorma says:

    make it more clean and i will buy it

  • jorma says:

    make it more clean and i will buy it

  • Watch lover says:

    I have yet to get mine looking forward 3/30/2011 This is a unique looking watch. I can't seem to get a straight answer on its water resistance.

  • Zebopt says:

    How do you set the time and date?

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