Heartbeat Baby Bump Bump Bump

How would you like to bump, bump it up? How healthy is your heart? Well even if you hate amazing beats, and even if you’ve got some sort of terrible heart condition, you can glance with glee at this fabulous watch by Seahope: the “Heart Beat Watch!” It’s got so many LED lights on it you wont know what to do with yourself. Perhaps tell the watch where to start? You’ve got LEDs spiking in all the right places. Your heart will soon be prone to swoon over it.

The series of LED lights on this watch are meant to mimic an EKG spiking right at the right time. There is no real electrocardiogram system on this watch, but father time might know where his heart is when you’ve got it on your wrist! One minute is then shown on the sub LED screen below.

Two modes can be chosen.

1. Normal LED watch mode, which lights up on your command, only for a moment so as to save power.

2. Always on, which of course is for when you want to constantly stare at the time all day, which is approximately the amount of time the watch stays charged if you run it non-stop.

And, AND, you know how most watches, when they run out of power, you’ve got to buy a whole new battery for? Not this one. This one charges via USB.

Designer: Seahope [ Buy it Here, Heart Beat Watch is available for $219.00 @ YD Store ]

Heart Beat Watch by Seahope

Heart Beat Watch is available for $219.00 @ YD Store