Saving Soda Twister

This little object right here is called the “Legcap.” It’s designed by a really quick-thinkin fellow by the name of Jaeseok Han. It’s made for your bottles of water, bottles of soda pop, bottles of whatever you’ve got in a bottle. Because bottles of liquid, after opening, are often stored head-up, they lose their luster. Soda becomes flat because of the imperfect seal of the twist cap. What does the Legcap do? It flips the bottle on it’s head, sealing with the liquid itself the freshness. Sittin on it’s head, the bottle keeps its cargo safe!

The bottle then, sitting there all weird looking, is appreciated by all who glance upon it. The liquid inside, say soda, stays carbonated. Carbonic acid is kept within the container. The container is then, with this new top, much easier to open and close, making it accessible to everyone.

NOTE: This might not work, as the reason soda goes flat actually has to do with pressure that’s lost after the first opening of the bottle. Anyone care to elaborate? Hint: vapor pressure.

Designer: Jaeseok Han

Legcap for keeping soda fresh by Jaeseok Han