Eat Artistically

Love me some sushi y’all. Good sushi is already editable art but designer Arthur Xin takes it to the next step in the literal sense by packaging all the traditional condiments in gouache paint tubes. The entire serving tray looks like an artist’s palette he calls the, wait for it… Sushi Palette. Mmm yum yum I gotta get me some! Is there a place for artful eating in people’s busy lives?

Designer: Arthur Xin

Sushi Palette For Artistic Food by Arthur Xin



  • Caleb Brady says:

    Hooray for Sushi!! id get one of these for when i make sushi at home

  • momo says:

    Don’t like it, looks like eating paint or cosmetics.. The whole thing feels like plastic, and so will the food as well (don’t forget that the eating experience is composed of taste, odor AND sight, so what looks bad generally doesn’t taste as good).
    Maybe replacing the materials to something more natural (wood) will improve the whole thing.

    • Daeve says:

      I can see loks of little kids getting confused and eating oil paints…

  • prem says:

    i wonder why you eat sushi with mustard?

  • Roll-up the bottom portion of the nori over the ingredients.
    The foods that are most heavily treated are as follows:.
    Use your index finger to lubricate the desired amount of rice in
    the middle of wasabi, moving away from the middle.

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