Simple Light, All Wood

How simple a light do you want for your desktop? How about one with a couple joints, a base, a wire, and a bit of shine? Well hay! We’ve got that right here! Designed by Swedish design and architecture studio TAF for Scandinavian design company Muuto. One of the most prominent hopes for this project was to project the idea of Honesty. That’s why all bolts, joints, and screws are emphasized.

So cute! Can you imagine all the lovely little things you could paint on all the sides? I wouldn’t recommend painting the insides though, as that can sometimes lead to… fumes. Although, then you might get all loopy and the lamp will look even better!

No don’t do that! Only laugh at the thought of it.

This Wood Lamp is made of pine approximately 50 cm. tall, and it comes with either a green or white cord.

Designer: TAF for Muuto


Wood Lamp by TAF for Muuto