A Glass With Class

Under normal circumstances a drinking glass with an extra hole in it is a messy proposition. Unless that hole was designed by Alvaro Lagos Vasquez. His “O-Glass” design cleverly uses the base of a normal lowball glass by inserting a hole. Now you can use this magical hole to hold a napkin, pencil, spike etc. Plus, it creates an easy storing potential in bars. Genius! This got me thinking, what other common items could be improved by the simple inclusion of a hole?

Designer: Alvaro Lagos Vasquez

O-Glass - Cocktail Glass That Holds A Napkin by Alvaro Lagos Vasquez



  • Steve says:

    A solution looking for a problem.

  • jonathan says:

    condensation on the glass would soak the napkin…

  • Solo says:

    …also, this is very hard to industrially produce.
    typical student work.

  • mif991 says:

    I agree with all of the above…

  • Excellent design. Aesthetic, practical and beautiful. These glasses would allow me to hang them upside down in a wodden glass holder made just for them. By inserting them upside down I can use them as a display piece. It is also a highly sanitary way to store them, as the edge will not come in contact with any surface after washing them and nothing can fly into them and settle inside such as cat dander, lint, dust, etc. They will be readily available for use. Where and when can I get at least 16 of them?

  • I don’t know how easy they are to mass produce (as solo above mentioned), but I like the design. Seems very practical for everyday use.

    Generally the idea of a cup with a thicker base is so that there’s more insulation (the temperature transition between the colder liquid and warmer air happens within the thick wall rather than on the outside surface where it would cause condensation), so I don’t think the napkin would get too damp.

    I see this being used for parties, where everyone is socializing, maybe holding a glass and a cracker or two, and don’t have an extra hand for the napkin. I’d totally buy a set.

  • I don’t know about the production, but from a usage standpoint this is quite nice. A napkin is less likely to get condensation on it within a separate tube without the same degree of external exposure (condensation comes from the ambient air). And this would simplify hanging cups like you hang wine glasses.

    They don’t look fun to clean, though.

  • Maryline says:

    I like this design. I can see that it could be useful but at the same time what problem does it really resolve? You don’t usually see people walking around at a party with a glass and a napkin unless they have food or unless they are sitting at a table with the glass on the napkin. What happens once you use the napkin and want to move around again? Do you grab it and try to get it rolled and fit it in the hole?

  • Draz Goosh says:

    Don’t think the design is particularly interesting and not practical either.

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