One Plate, Three Bits of Food

This is the plate right here. It’s got three plates, but it is also one plate. At the same time! At the exact same time, this plate is both one plate and three plates. How do you do!? You do so well, so well now that you’ve got this plate which separates all your foods into three in such a clever, clever way. You join your meal of several foods into one, yet the plates are not joined! Not joined until the food gathers together in a party in your stomach! Well no more.

No more I say! Nay! You will have your three different pieces of food separate yet together before the mouth! Before the stomach, yes, before even the fork. And they were made by a riser. A riser in the world of French design, yes, Jean Marc Gady. What a designer, a designer of three plates in one plate. All together, in happiness.

Made out of genuine space-plastic.


Actually made out of certified, glazed ceramic.

Designer: Jean Marc Gady [ Buy it Here, Gormet Trio Plate (x2) is available for $48.00 @ YD Store ]


Gormet Trio Plate (x2) is available for $48.00 @ YD Store