Do It for The Birdies

Park benches are a thing I’ve seen innovated upon not nearly enough. I must admit that when it comes down to it, a seat in a park is a seat in a park, and metal + wood has served this world kindly for many years. However! There is someone who wants more! The common park bird. Those little tweeties they say hey, we want some more interaction here, we want to be even closer to those friendly humans always feeding us bread crumbs and whatnot, we love em!

Thus, here is the “Aves,” a bench which offers friendly elements for both birds and humans alike. On the side, there is a ceramic bird bath which when filled with rainwater plays a role very similar to the generally yard-placed birdbath. From this, designer Marlen Hähle hopes that a closer relationship between bird and human can take place. Sitting on the same level, just chillin.

Wood, concrete, ceramic, 230x60x80cm.

Designer: Marlen Hähle

Aves by Marlen Hähle