Replicating Guitar Reality

I would like, if I may, to take you… on a strange journey. Actually on a weird, wild, perhaps futuristic guitar trip. What we’re dealing with here is an electric guitar that the designer reports has all the pros of electric sound with none of the downsides of a non-analog. Pickups and frets with digital imputs which work on a MIDI-signal that’s adaptable to replicate any guitar and amp setup. And what’s weird about that? No strings – but your fingers wont believe it.

The touch sensitive neck analyses finger positions, while liquid micro-channels bulge from the surface to create variable fret positioning while “piezo-electric actuators emulate frequencies of vibration corresponding the the played note.” And what the heck would that mean to me, you might ask? The brain shall then recognize these frequencies through your fingertips, reporting the same sensation you’d feel if you were playing physical strings.

Whaaaat?! This sounds amazing. I demand one instantly.

Designer: Anton Weichselbraun