Lamp Swingy Magnetive

Hello there to you, mister eclipse. So nice to see part of you today! This lamp right here is called the “Nissyoku”, and it is inspired by just that fabulous lunar event, the solar eclipse. Join me, if you will, in exploring all the ways you might use its special swiveling pieces held together with magnetics, magic, and wonder. This is a unique lamp, if I do say so myself.

A lamp I’d love to have hanging by my side when I address the world on fabulous alien design. But it’s made by humans! IGENdesign designed the heck out of this little diddy. Two sides consisting of len-form panels move multiple directions, letting loose light where they may.

These two panels move smoothly along their concave hole homes, each of them fixes on the lamp by magnets alone. And how to turn on the light?

All you must do is tap the middle metal ring.

Designer: IGENdesign

Nissyoku magnetic adjustable lamp inspired by a solar eclipse by IGENdesign







  • Alienzexist says:


  • Zeatbag says:

    Wow it’s really pretty.

    • reality says:

      yea pretty expensive. how often do you change these? why not get a paper shape and replace that with a new one when you are bored.

      • Matthew says:

        Mate, this is a website for innovation and concepts. Maybe sometimes things are not very realistic, but the idea is there. Maybe then someone can bounce off that idea and create something that does work. Judging by your website your the most un-innovative person to comment on this site. Your comments are boring.

  • rachael says:

    fancy tap lights! nice!!

  • Amy says:

    Gorgeous design…its so sleek.

  • Alvazar says:

    Really cool work!!! Cool idea and concept, loos like a tennis ball!

  • Francesco says:

    Dear Yanko Design,
    where we can buy this amazing lamp?
    Thank You

  • Ashish says:

    Pls. contect me. for how much Meagnet lemp.

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