The Headphones that Captured All

Hey so I know you want to capture everything that you experience. Wait you don’t? Then don’t read this. You’ll get all mad probably. This is a concept design about a set of wireless headphones that also have a 10.1 megapixel digi-cam on one side and a digital image projector on the side. You can capture your world all the time and put that stuff on the internet right away. Instantly.

Here’s basically the manifesto of this project: Support the act of exploration by giving people better tools. Deepen image’s meaning by supoprting as much information as possible. Bring people together by enabling individuals to express themselves.

There’s all kinds of wireless going on with this project. It’s got P2P, automatic backup into your computer, and instant wireless uploading to the internets. And! And! With the projector, you can project as you record. How useless is that? Not at all. I need people to know what they look like.

*Don’t forget to look at that really, just, good looking, guy at the bottom of this post.

**Lookin good, guy.

Designer: William Gerwin

Kodak Sponsored Studio project aka earphones that capture everything by William Gerwin