It’s All About Picturesque Music

If listening to music isn’t soothing enough, then how about teaming it with some nature-scape? The Sound Scape system does just that. The system beams out relaxing images (via the LED projector located in the circle) of clouds, water and other “nature-beauty” stuff. The size of the projected image can be customized via the sensor parameters that accompany the system. Basically it focuses on making you happy with visual treats, when you play some music.

Designers: Hyunsoo Choi, Hyori Kim & Gisung Han

Sound Scape Music System by Hyunsoo Choi, Hyori, Kim & Gisung Han






  • Sockatume says:

    What a great idea. The designer should get in touch with the companies that do those portable projector touchscreens, I imagine they could sell more hardware in media players than as standalone displays.

  • Yamato says:

    This only looks good on your desk for about a couple of months, then its just boring

  • Almightywhacko says:

    So… you have to have 4 rock-shaped things on the floor in order for this thing to project a ~3 foot blurry image of clouds or water?

    Why not just hook a PC running whatever images you want displayed to a normal LCD projector and point it at the floor? No rocks or uncomfortable looking remote controls required.

  • nerv11 says:

    This is a fairly cool concept. I’d probably get one of these for a spa or something lol.

  • GI says:

    LOVE the idea, nice center piece design; what the rocks are there for is a mystery, and I sure hope the projector can pivot so you can project your images on a wall or ceiling also

  • SSEUNG says:

    what a great idea !!

    do you know “mannachudamsa” ??

  • 3G says:

    This only looks good on your desk for about a couple of months, then its just boring

  • Play Music says:

    I have to say, this is a pretty cool device. So the picture that this would project will depend on whatever the player plays? Pretty cool.

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