Drugs Extend Your Golden Hour

I can see any number of ways that the title of this post might be miss-read, so I’ll set you straight right away. This IS about a drug. It IS about the Golden Hour, which might not be what you think it is: what it actually IS is the time after a serious accident before you’re no longer able to fix whatever you broke. This doesn’t always happen, but in the case where you DO have that timeline, this drug “Tamiasyn” and device “UniTam” extend that hour as long as possible.

What Tamiasyn does is extend the Golden Hour. The hour is the time between the trauma victim’s injury and the emergency room for treatment. What Tamiasyn actually does is keep cells, organs, and tissues alive for potentially several real hours after hemorrhagic shock. Check out VitalMedix for more info on the drug.

What this post is about is Aimee Franco’s design for a device to slam this drug right on into the bone of a person quickly, easily, and with the least amount of screaming.

Screaming?! Yes, the drug’s gotta get right down into the bone quickly, and that means some blood. Maybe even a little bit of pain. Attach the cartridge to the device, place the device on the leg below the knee, and press the button. The process is done quickly.

The drill bit comes out, the drill bit drills into the bone, the injection needle injects, recedes along with the drill, and you’re done!

Designer: Aimee Franco


UniTam by Aimee Franco