I Give You My Heart…

UPDATE: Last 2 Days to avail the $20 Discount!
…and thousands of roses! Sound like perfect combo? Indeed it is, because it not only captures your true feelings, it’s also do-able. The heart shape d°light UrHeart is this unique blend of a huggable lights that glows with mesmerizing roses. Commissioned especially for Valentine’s Day, this Limited Edition (only 50 pieces), is the perfect meaningful gift!

Available in Pink (only 35 pieces) and Ivory (only 15 pieces) colors, I reckon the Ivory will be ideal for your best friend a.k.a Me; because I gave you this great recommendation!


  • Includes an internal battery charger so you don’t have to change batteries. You just have to use regular AA rechargeable batteries and internal battery charger will automatically recharge them.
  • Pre Order Until End Of January To Save $20
  • Order Now to ensure guaranteed Valentine’s Day Delivery*

Designer: Diana Lin [ d°light UrHeart is available @ YD Store for $179.00 $159.00 ]

d°light UrHeart Glowing Pillows For Valentine’s Day



*World-wide Delivery Available, However Valentine’s Day Delivery Guaranteed For The US Only.


  • Nickie says:

    oh my gosh…way way way too cute ^^
    if i had a Valentines then that’s what id be getting him :] you know, just so i have an excuse to get it, and then borrow it, forever muahaha :]

  • gucci says:

    wow thats great……!

  • Margot says:

    “huggable lights” huh? Different. Very different.

  • shaun says:

    WOW…I cannot believe that another Valentine Season is upon us. Truth of the matter is that when it comes to that special someone in your life…everyday should really be valentines day shouldn’t it?

    Shaun (Hopeless Romantic)
    PS…I came across this cute but so funny valetines day video. http://bit.ly/FunnyValentineVideo

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