Welcome To The Library

For someone who stares at a monitor for most part of the day, an e-book reader is not such a novelty. No matter how convenient it may be, but at the end of the day it’s still a screen! Can anything replace the smell of fresh, crisp paper? Alas, this is 2010 and the gadget-freaks are going to want more “tech” stuff, and this Library e-book Reading Device caters to their whims. It simulates actual page flipping (by rotating two mechanical rollers at the edge), features multi-touchscreen for bookmarks (no dog-ear pages!) that become visible when the book is closed.

While the Bookmarks are featured on the front page of the Library, the back hosts the index for all the loaded books. The system gets funkier with the “keyboard mode”, where it simulates a laptop, allowing you to browse though a virtual bookshelf and online stores.

From what I see, most e-books try and replicate the experience of reading traditional books. But from experience I can say, that it’s easier to throw a book at your lazy spouse, than an e-book; especially in a fit of rage!

Designer: Steve Yang, Yang ze-siao 

Library e-book Reading Device by Steve Yang, Yang ze-siao