YouRail Design Contest – Visions of modern transportation by Bombardier

UPDATE: Extended until January 4th, 2010.

Is publishing your contents on online design communities or hosting your own portfolio site enough for creative satisfaction? Don’t you want evaluation or recognition for your efforts? Much like how a post is done on YD, where we hear scores of you either trashing or praising a design, forcing the designers to re-think his strategy or go-ahead with his convictions. The Bombardier YouRail Design Contest by HYVE gives you instant feedback, allowing you to re-think your contribution or simply refining it.

The contest is really simple, you only need to register, get inspired and submit your design ideas. The contest is about the creation of new and innovative interior designs for trains. Questions like how a modern train interior should look like and what kind of innovative features should be integrated need to be solved. It is irrelevant if participants have great experience in interior design or not, the contest is addressed to professionals, students, hobby designers and everyone who is interested into the topic. The designs can be submitted drawn freehand or computer generated, by using the configuration tool or just by explaining the interior idea. Participants may either design a seat upholstery with the configuration tool or freely create an interior design to the following three topics:

  • The Leisure Passenger
  • The Business Traveler
  • The Everyday Passenger

Like I mentioned to participate you need to simply join the community and submit your own vision for interior design in trains. Or you can create your own seat cover with the 3D – configuration tool. Anyway, you can discuss and evaluate the designs of the community and win great prizes: The members with the three best freely created designs amongst all three topics win cash prizes up to 2.000 Euros. The members with the three best configured designs also win cash prizes up to 600 Euros. Plus: The members with the 4th to the 10th best freely created designs win netbooks. Hurrah!

The winning design will be built as a prototype and will be exposed on the InnoTrans 2010 in Berlin which is the leading trade fair in transportation. Besides, the designer of that winning design will be invited by Bombardier to visit the InnoTrans 2010. In addition, the most active member as well as the best freely created and configured designs according to the community evaluation are rewarded with a netbook, too. Finally, one idea will also win a netbook (and a signature book about Bombardier) by the “president’s pick” where the jury select the most unconventional idea.

The jury has an impressive line-up with high-level management and design experts – get to know them here.

What is really impressive is that like our YD community, there is instant feedback and reaction to your designs by the community members. So participating in this contest really makes sense. You get evaluated not only by your contemporaries, but also by an elite panel of judges. Which other design competition can boast of this killer combo?

To know more on the contest details hit here.

The whole contest phase is being charged by the HYVE Innovation Community GmbH. HYVE is a German innovation agency dealing with customer integration into the product innovation process. Feel free to get all important information about HYVE on their website, or contact them directly.