Ohh and Ahh!

The chair you’ve about to witness unfold is called the “O&O.” Now, don’t be fooled! It has nothing to do with cookies. In fact, it’s got such a wide cushion, I’d wager eating cookies aboard it might not be the best idea. This chair, designed and prototyped by Kataoka Design Studio, is made to just barely hold the user above their toes-touch-ground level, but low enough to keep comfort!

You know what I’m saying?

You sit in this gigantically-butted seat, and your whole leg sits straight, so straight that your feet are just barely off the ground. For some this can be unnerving. For those people, the seat is also set low to the ground for maximum gluteus maximus, tush, tail, and/or heinie relaxation.

The chair gets it’s name from the consecutive curved surface which produces two “O” shapes, one right on top of the other. They’re like giant rings for the sonic child in you.

Designer: Kataoka Design Studio


O&O seat by Kataoka Design Studio