iSkin Solo Review

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen but a handful stand out combining functionality with beautiful design. iSkin is synonymous with protective soft goods so it didn’t surprise me how good the Solo was for the iPhone. It’s crazy affordable and there is a color/design option for every taste. The hardest part is deciding which one to get. Hit the jump for my review.

Gone are the days of rubber and cheap silicone injected molds. The new materials are crazy thin. The Solo is 0.1mm thick. If ever you wanted a way to protect your iPhone 3G/S without bulking it up – this is it. A bonus feature is the Microban. This antimicrobial protection prevents staining and those off putting odors. Remember how the first iPhone cases would turn yellow? Gross.

The Solo is actually just one of a trio of cases for the iPhone 3G/S. The Solo is devoid of any patterns. They’re just translucent colored cases, but if you want to be a little different, there’s the Solo FX with it’s subtle pattern and mirrored screen protector. The real “sex” is the Solo FX SE. It’s deceptively minimalist until you feel the subtle textures and embossed patterns.

The entire Solo family comes with screen protectors that require no spray glue. You can peel them off and reuse them. The FX and FX SE come with mirrored options which turns your screen into a mirror when the screen is off. They don’t hinder performance and you mostly likely won’t even notice it.

iSkin has significantly improved their cutting and molding techniques. All the ports and switches line up. It’s thin enough to leave the dock port totally accessible and the lip is gently curved to hug the iPhone’s bezel. Unlike other slim cases, you don’t get a massive pile of lint and debris stuck between the edges.

What we loved:

  • Many designs to choose from.
  • Easy to install, screen protector is excellent.
  • Doesn’t stretch out over time.
  • Tactile to the touch making it slip resistant.
  • Microban protection.
  • Access to all ports and switches.
  • Affordable ranging from $24 – $34.

What could be improved:

  • Nothing, it’s an excellent protect.

Designer: iSkin (Buy it here)