A Single Beam

In my kitchen, all of the pots and pans are in a low cupboard, all sort of stacked together in a hidden mess. But they cannot be seen! So it does not look messy. But they cannot be easily accessed, either, so that’s just silly, isn’t it? Yes. Because every single home in the world should own one of these bad boys: the “Arc” shelf. Made by Adric Henkel to be just the pot and pan holder you need.

It’s constructed of a single beam of ash. It looks rather fetching, yes? It was formed by steambending, a lovely process which takes a bit of time and effort, but makes for a solid piece of bent wood in the end. And ohhh look, you can put your lids up there now. Most fabulous.

Arc was designed with input from Design within Reach in Boulder, CO.

Designer: Adric Henkel


Arc pots and pans holder by Adric Henkel