Malcolm Fontier Mojito Wallet Review

Only $20! I bet that caught your attention. It’s no joke. The Mojito Wallet is available at a reduced priced direct from Malcolm Fontier. If the name isn’t familiar – the company makes vegan (synthetic) leather soft goods with lots of style at a fraction of the price. Male readers can probably empathize with my wallet woes. I carry a bulky leather wallet big and heavy enough to change the way I walk. The Mojito is one of the slimmest wallets I’ve seen and for $20, there’s no competition around.

The design is quite simple. To achieve slimness you have to sacrifice space. Instead of carrying 10 cards you can only carry 4 or in my case 2 cards and some cash. That’s usually all I need on a day to day basis. I took the Mojito to Disneyland for a trial run. The bungee strap kept my credit card and ID secure in the center slot. The secondary slot held cash and my fast passes. Downsizing was a joy. Bulky-butt syndrome (an overstuffed wallet in a back pocket )was a distant memory. I didn’t miss my regular wallet at all. The Mojito didn’t stretch and sliding things in and out was easy unlike the $80 Tumi slim wallet I had. The PU material and stitching are top-notch and it doesn’t give off that nasty rubbery smell.

$20! I’ll say it over and over again. It’s a perfect gift. It may not replace your main wallet but it’s great for occasions when bulky-butt is prohibited – say dress slacks. Buy one for yourself, a boyfriend, father, friends – anyone who is in dire need of bulky-butt syndrome.

Designer: Malcolm Fontier (Buy it here)