Lights, Camera…Projector, But In A Kitchen

I wonder what else we will be seeing in futuristic kitchens, but for the moment let’s stick to what Nelly has for us. Since my French is no-good I’m going to do my best to explain what she is trying to convey. Oniris is the kitchen for the future that integrates technology to its advantage. The central working unit doubles up as a dining, washing, cooking and storage area. There is a chandelier on top of the unit that houses LED lights, a motion-sensor camera and a projector as well. You guessed it, the projector displays recipes/images on the countertop.

The graphic visuals can be programmed and pre-set for special occasion like birthdays etc. It can also be used to announce the meal courses in a very animate way.

An induction cooking plate, storage cabinet and sensor-controlled faucet complete the concept.

Now that I have conveyed the basics, my two-cents on this: I’m all for technology in the kitchen, but practical solutions for spills, heavy-duty cooking like we Indians do (read oily fried foods) need more tougher terrains. Overall verdict-Thumbs Up!

Designer: Nelly De Macedo

Oniris Futuristic Kitchen Concept by Nelly De Macedo

Oniris Futuristic Kitchen Concept by Nelly De Macedo 2