Better than Skates or Skateboards; It’s Even Got Brakes

It’s not a half-baked attempt to tout a new Segway and neither is it replacing the rollerblades; StepGlider is in a league of its own. Using the natural swagger of us humans as its inspiration, this new kind of travel mode guarantees stability as it causes a linear locomotion which gives us a sense of safety. As Thomas describes it, “The momentum is caused by the correlation between walking and a force among the hands and a gearbox, through which an accelerated movement is obtained.”

You can’t expect the older generation adopting StepGlider, but the weary middle-age folks may find it a fascinating ride. It is a comforting thought to know that it has a braking system in place and all you need to practice is your natural walk, for it to glide. Check out the video that makes this mode of transportation an easy breeze.

Designer: Thomas Van Halewyck

[youtube: 468 344]

StepGlider Human Powered Vehicle by Thomas Van Halewyck

StepGlider Human Powered Vehicle by Thomas Van Halewyck2




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