Magnet Magic

If you haven’t taken a spill while carrying a tray of food, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve at least had some close calls! Designed with this in mind, the Magic Tray uses magnetic force to keep everything in place. When carried, magnets in the tray attract magnets embedded in the dishes to keep them stable. Setting the tray down breaks the magnetic attraction so the dishes can be picked up easily. Hit the jump to see how it works!

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi


  • Ray says:

    Nice idea. However, the cost might be a bit prohibitive unless this is intended for home use. Also, if possible, it might be a good idea to use a solenoid rather than a permanent magnet so that you can actually turn ‘off’ the magnet rather than pulling the two away from each other. Furthermore, you only need one of the things to be a magnet, the other only needs to have an iron base. Lastly, the whole contraption might end up being quite heavy.

  • jessica Liu says:

    The design is nice. But I am wondering where are the magnetic poles on the flat thin magnetic layer. it needs more real testing on that.

  • Liondesign says:

    Thé système with magnet already exist i m sorry i have seen it on TV emission design

  • Liondesign says:

    I didin’t see That this system doesn’t works every Time and this idea is nice

  • Airo says:

    using an anti-skid film?

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